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[DPRG] Robotics at Calgary in June

Subject: [DPRG] Robotics at Calgary in June
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Wed May 17 12:45:09 CDT 2000


Thanks for asking but no. I do not have any plans to do anymore robot classes.

The original intent was to get people to build more robots and have more contests and therefore more club activity. I did not want to do them all my self. Any interest in discussing a topic with a group? Pick one and we will announce it. We have the room for several more months.

My work got me real busy too so I'm short on time to prepare. Go for it.
Robert L. Jordan

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Hiya Robert, was wondering if you were planning any more robot classes at
the Science Place?

At 07:10 AM 5/16/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Interesting information on the Millennium Robot Games next month in Calgary
>Mark Tilden and others will give lectures. Beam and solar robotic contest.
>Click the text on this page to see the info.
>	http://www.stampsinclass.com.
>Parallax is sponsoring a Basic Stamp Educator's Course there as well.
>Robert L. Jordan
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>Subject:	[stampsinclass] BASIC Stamp Educator's Course: Calgary in June
>In coordination with our distributor HVW Tech (http://www.hvwtech.com),
Parallax is sponsoring a BASIC Stamp Educator's Course at next month's
BEAM/WCRG Robot Games in Calgary, Canada. Details of the course are shown
at http://www.stampsinclass.com. All registration for the course is handled
on-line at https://cgi.cadvision.com/~hvw/forms/educators_course.htm.
>Parallax is also an official sponsor of the robot games by providing some
BASIC Stamp prizes for the estimated 5,000 attendees.
>Ken Gracey, Parallax
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