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[DPRG] bi-polar LED hook-up 5.66KB pic attached

Subject: [DPRG] bi-polar LED hook-up 5.66KB pic attached
From: olio olio at fornet.net
Date: Fri May 19 02:53:29 CDT 2000

i grabbed some bi-polar leds yesterday and i already discovered that two
ain't equal to three.

seems like the tute bot schematic accounts for only two leads from the
LED.  mine has three.  am i anywhere near correct with the following?

[please see vrsmall 5.66KB pic below]

the thing(s) i'm not sure about are:

1       would the center lead need to return to the same / or opposite
switch pin on   the relay - would it connect where i drew it, or before
the resister...or would it      go to the motor?

2       is a resister needed on both sides of the led?

i can get one way lighting - when motor spins in reverse (off of the big
but nothing forward...

hell, normal LEDs are easy - but the tree pins have me stumped. (by the
way, i tried countless variations last night - and the best of the
resulted in one way lighting...  but i don't think i ever tried to wire
it like my drawing [below] - that only came to me when trying to draw it
out...  (maybe i just figured it out... maybe not)

here's the url for the schematic i posted of the tutebot brain.

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