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[DPRG] Driverless LCDs

Subject: [DPRG] Driverless LCDs
From: Patrick Innes kc5ugq at yahoo.com
Date: Fri May 26 14:34:09 CDT 2000

Hello, all!  Another question for the list:

I recently acquired a couple of bare-bones LCD
displays (no driver electronics), and would like to
find some information on how to drive them.  

I've got pinouts for the units, and have hooked them
up to a source to fiddle with them.  Initially, I was
suprised at how sensitive they were, the elements
activating with only one wire connected to them.  then
I realized that LCD clocks and such will operate for
years on a single button-cell, so that made sense.  

I'm wondering if properly driving them is simply a
question of supplying power/no power to the correct
pins, or is there some other secret I should know

Thanks in advance!

-- Patrick

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