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[DPRG] FW: Toner Trick

Subject: [DPRG] FW: Toner Trick
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Fri May 26 17:58:10 CDT 2000

This is a pretty good way to Iron toner onto a copper PCB before etching. Take care not to make a mess with the toner or goof up the printer.

Info. Taken from PIC list I think.

Robert L. Jordan

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>From:	John 
Sent:	Tuesday, May 23, 2000 8:16 AM
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Subject:	Toner Trick

Interesting idea:
Here's a trick which MAY be useful. Like all the best ideas, I discovered it by accident - in this case while trying to print an envelope short side in.
If you cut a sheet of paper to less than a certain length (the exact length will vary with your printer) and feed it to a laser printer, then the feed rollers after the toner deposition stage will (may?) fail to pick it up and the paper will stop in the midst of the printer without having been fused.
I have an old HP4L that I normally use and if I feed it a half sheet it receives the image and then sits nicely in the printer until I remove the toner cartridge and take it out.  You now have an unfused smudge free copy waiting to be transferred to something else.
I haven't tried this for PCB work but I have used it to transfer toner to mugs and then baked them in a domestic oven to produce a surprisingly robust finish.
I have also transferred pictures from a scanner to a plastic surface by this method.

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