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[DPRG] Maximum voltage on hobby servos

Subject: [DPRG] Maximum voltage on hobby servos
From: Dennis Draheim ddra at airmail.net
Date: Mon May 29 21:59:00 CDT 2000


I've run HiTec brand servos on 7.2v with no apparent problems.  I don't
know about the Futabas though.  In any case, it probably shortens the
life of the servo a bit...


> "Jeffrey T. Birt" wrote:
> Hello to all in DPRG land,
> I've not had much time to work on my little 'bot lately, been to busy
> working on the full sized ones (welding robots) at work.  Got a little
> time tonight after a weekend of honey-do's and vehicle shopping.
> I'm building this next bot on an RC truck chassis so that I could do
> some out of doors experimenting with it.  The electronics are powered
> via a 9V battery and a small step down switcher.  I would like to run
> the servo(s) off the same power supply as the drive motor.  The
> chassis is built to accept a standard 7.2 volt nicad RC battery pack.
> On the Futaba 'data sheet', back of package, they just list operation
> at 4 or 6 volts, no maximum voltage given.  Has anyone run these
> servo's at 7.2V?  Three sets of (4 AA nicads in series - 4.8V) could
> be fit into the same space.  I would prefer to use the 7.2V pack due
> to availability and capacity.  Any ideas?
> Jeff Birt
> Halfway, Missouri

Dennis Draheim
ddra at airmail.net

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