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[DPRG] Re: robots anyone?

Subject: [DPRG] Re: robots anyone?
From: David P. Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Sun Oct 1 17:39:09 CDT 2000


Eric, what sort of controller are you using on Jeb-dot-double-ought-b?
I have a new 68332 board made by one of the guys  in the SRS group,
Kenneth Maxon, that looks pretty cool.  I havent' powered it
up yet.

but I'm a little nervous about diving in to a robot software development
mode with cpu hardware that may not be around next year.  What are
you using?

>> BTW, thanks to several offers of help (and a twinge of guilt) last
>> night I got all the RoboRama 2000.b pictures I had up on the web.
>> The pictures are all compliments of Robert Jordan except for a few
>> I had to throw in.  If anyone else has some to add please send them
>> to me (somebody asked earlier where to send them, but I forgot who.)
>> Check them out at:
>        http://dprg.org/00bpics.html
>Nice pictures!  Who owns the 4 legged walker in "Set 7"?
>I would have guessed Eric Yundt, but he still has a beard.  :-)
>                                - Dan

Nice pictures!  They need captions, who are these people and who's
robots are these?

Seems like a lot of new robots!  New faces, too.

Charles Thurston wrote:

> I'm  looking  at  a  tracked  robot for my next project and am open to
> suggestions about track and driveline ideas,  Surface will be grass or
> sand, Some of the sane will be loose and some damp....... Hey I have a
> beach close.

Those off-road R/C cars work pretty well in the sand.  I think the wheels
and tires they use are in pretty good supply.  A problem I've encountered
with robot tracked designs is that the tracks seem to pick up a lot of
grit and splooge and are hard to clean up.

There's a nice study at:

Some of the robot wars guys seem to prefer tracked vehicles.  Check out:



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