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[DPRG] Re: robots anyone

Subject: [DPRG] Re: robots anyone
From: David P. Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Sun Oct 1 21:59:20 CDT 2000


Eric wrote:

>David P. Anderson wrote:
>> Hi
>> Eric, what sort of controller are you using on Jeb-dot-double-ought-b?
>Ouch!  That's cold!  "Ought" as in "ought-to-be?"  ;-)
>It's "aught" as in zero, or cool name that sounds like shotgun
>name, and as in, "In the Year of Our Lord, Double-Aught!"

Wait a minute, that's a great name for a robot!

	Jeb.002b (pronounced jeb-dot-double-ought-to-be) 

	or even perhaps

	Jeb.002b|~2b (that's !2b for some of you :-)

> I really like everything I hear about the 68332.  It sounds to
> me like a wonderful, much more powerful uber-cousin to the HC11.
> I wished I had picked up one of Kenneth's 332 boards before he
> quit making them.  There seem to be many, more advanced Robots
> using the 68332 so I doubt they will be extinct any time soon.

I worked with the 68020 on a large project some years ago and
feel pretty comfortable with 68xxx assembly. So when the 68332
began to appear in roboting circles it seemed like a natural.
Like you I also have a handful of HC6811 cpu cards laying about
which I'll probably use first, and keep a spare for SR04.  

The question then became, which 68332 board best suits?  The
CRC332 board seems like almost a dropin replacement for the
MIT 6.270 boards I've been using, so that seemed like a good
place to start.

I just got an email concerning the future of the CRC332 board,
to wit:

Mark Castelluccio wrote:
> David,
> You probably know that Kenneth has discontinued production of the CRC332.  I
> worked with Kenneth developing the CRC332 and I may take over production of
> the board in the future.  I am currently selling my own design using the
> 68332 known as the Mini RoboMind.  You can find information on my board at:
> http://www.seanet.com/~mcastelluccio/minirobomind.htm
> I think you will find the 332 a great processor for robotics.  I have been
> using a 332 for robotics for a couple of years and it has worked out great
> for me.
> There is also a list for those using 332's for robotics on eGroups at
> http://www.egroups.com/group/68332ABB.  There are users of the CRC332 on
> that list.
> Good Luck,
> Mark

Thanks Mark!

I know that a lot of folks in the SRS group seem to be using the
above-mentioned Mini RoboMind board, generally referred  to as the
"MRM board," and they seem to be having good success.  A lot of the
programming seems to be in S-Basic (a giant step sideways in my view)
and there is a repository of code on their egroups email server.  Check
the SRS web page for details:


So I've sort of settled on the 68332 processor, am just looking for
the best hardware environment for it to live...  Why don't one of
you guys buy/build one of Mark's boards so the rest of us can see
it and play with it!!


On a totally unrelated note, I'm now running a firewall at home on
a friendly little 90 mHz Dell Desktop, with our two W98 machines on
a local area net behind the firewall.  Seems to all be working, I've
done a lot of testing the last few days and seem to have attracted
the attention of the AT&T net security police on our @home.com
network.  At least they keep trying to make connections to my machine,
so far unsuccessfully (I think!).  Anybody else on @home get a machine trying to connect repeatedly to their firewall on various
service ports?

Just curious.

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