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[DPRG] Re: robots anyone?

Subject: [DPRG] Re: robots anyone?
From: James Andrew Smith -- Onnimikki jasmith at ee.ualberta.ca
Date: Mon Oct 2 12:32:54 CDT 2000

> What about PowerPCs?
> And reasonably small, reasonably priced PowerPC microcontroller
> boards (e.g. the little PowerPC board from Axiom Manufacturing here,
> http://www.axman.com/) run at 40 MHz, while 68K microcontrollers seem
> to have slower clock speeds.

I've got the Axiom Man. PB0555 board.  It's an embedded PowerPC with a
whole whack of cool features.  It's more advanced than the '332, runs
faster, has built-in hardware floating point, two of the Time Processor
Units, A/D, dedicated PWM channels, etc.

My only beef with the board is that the headers aren't arranged as well as
they could have been.

I've also played with the 68332 board from New Micros.  My friends have
gotten the '332 to work with gcc.  They're now going to get the Axiom
PowerPC board to run under GCC.  Axiom and Motorola have a deal for the
PowerPC board with Codewarrior.  The package deal is relatively cheap and
is distributed by Newark.
> I don't know how different the 68332 programming model is from other
> members of the 68k family. 

It's VERY close.

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