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[DPRG] Re: DPRGlist digest, Vol 1 #234 - 14 msgs

Subject: [DPRG] Re: DPRGlist digest, Vol 1 #234 - 14 msgs
From: Nathan Miller nmiller at hot.rr.com
Date: Mon Oct 2 17:59:43 CDT 2000

> Don't know who had that nice looking beastie!  I'd love to hear
> more about it too.  Unfortunately, while playing Robot Judge has
> gotten me a little local fame (hehe...) it didn't allow any time
> for doing what I like best at these type of things:  checking out
> all the wonderful creations and chatting with the creators.

The 4-leg walker is mine.   I haven't been able to make it to a regular
meeting due to the constraints of my job and the amount of hours I have been
working.  Unfortunately,  progression has been slow on the robot for the
same reason.  Right now he ("Gobo" as my wife has named him) has a servo
controller, but I may go to individual controllers based on Pics or Scenix
chips for each leg to take the PWM burden off of the Rabbit.  This subject
came up in a chat on the Yahoo club and I think it is a good idea and will
help clean up the bot a little as far as wiring goes (wiring was not
complete in the pics from Roborama).  The head piece is being built so I can
mount the Sharp IR ranger and Gameboy camera.  Gobo has actually moved, even
though it was a crawl across the table :-)  The motion control software is
going to be built as a plug-in on a very usable 3d modeling package called
Milkshape 3D.  I have amde a plug-in for the package before, so it should
only take a few weeks before I have an anamatronic-type control over him.  I
will update more as soon as I can...thanks for the interest!

Nathan Miller
RyuKi Robotics

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