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Subject: [DPRG] Re: Monthry Meeting Re:
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Tue Oct 10 08:25:14 CDT 2000

Virtual Meeting fans,

Ok! It sounds great. Now who wants to volunteer to do the typing and be in charge of the equipment at each meeting. Perhaps the "out of range" members would want to do some research on how to do it and help get donations and equipment.

Also, we would need volunteers to do the work at each meeting. Usually, the Secretary is busy taking notes for the meeting summary and signing up new members and getting ready to run the meeting if necessary.
Perhaps an appointed person to head up the work at each meeting would be appropriate. 

I'll help co0rdinate with Alan Sosbe and the Bill Priest Institute to see if we can get free band width or how much it would cost.

Who wants to volunteer to do some of the work?

Robert L. Jordan
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Hi DPRG, Dean Hall, 

I pondered:

> is there was some cyber-internet-ish way for folks to
> participate in the DPRG monthly meetings from afar?  A live 
> chat or web-cam for the shut-ins?

Dean Hall wrote:

> simplify   simplify   simplify:
> Why not just hold a DPRG internet chat on a different
> day?  Say, on the 3rd Sat of the month?  This might
> also serve as a time for those infamous committees to
> haggle about the details.
> Trying to set up some virtual image, sound or teletype
> system at BPI seems like a lot of hassle for little
> gain.  Yes, it would be nice for the locality-
> challenged to have some form of virtual access to the
> DPRG monthly meetings.  But I'm content with Clay's
> summaries for now.  (The only things I feel I'm
> missing are images of the bots at the meetings, which
> could be posted to the web on a "bots of the month"
> page).

I respond:

  dull       dull       dull    ;>)

The interest for me is not to view archives or read summaries,
useful as those things are to do.  I'd like, as noted above,
to participate.  I believe this to be _considerable_ gain.

Five out of six DPRG long distance members surveyed agree:

Jeff Birt,
This is a major cool idea!  Then even the out of town, state or country
members could attend meetings!

Jim Brown,
I'd be interested in that too. 

Wade Smith,
WOW!  Now THAT WOULD be cool for us that has dun been relocated!

Dan Miner,
This sounds perfect! 

James Vroman,
Ditto from one who will soon be in Missouri as well

Seems like the kind of cutting-edge cyber-nifty thing a 21st century
robot club might do. :)

> !!Dean
> PS:  monthry?  did you deverop a risp?  <smiley>

reference our fearless leader, Thu, 05 Oct 2000 21:28:30 -0500 
"[DPRG] Monthry meeting, Saturday October 7th Clay Timmons" 


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