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[DPRG] Re: Monthry Meeting Re:

Subject: [DPRG] Re: Monthry Meeting Re:
From: Edward Gardner edg at deckersds.com
Date: Tue Oct 10 12:17:35 CDT 2000


Real Video server basic edition for PC's is free, but limited to 5
concurrent streams for the live streamer, if memory servers. The *nix
version may be more robust. Many/most ISP's offer Real Video/Audio serving
of static content for free as well.

As far as the actual capture is concerned, all you need is a cheap PC with
windows, a quickcam (or any other video for windows video source), and the
free Real Producer software. I believe that you can get the same deal for
the mac, but I am uncertain.

Captures right to disk, precompressed, optimized for modems. Stream it off
the free server after the fact for post meeting review :)

So, for "live" webasting, you might be limited in the number of people who
can see it and of course you will need a live IP address. For display after
the fact, all you need is a machine with windows and a cheap camera.

Wish I still lived in Dallas :)

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