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[DPRG] Internet Participation

Subject: [DPRG] Internet Participation
From: David P. Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Tue Oct 10 22:06:23 CDT 2000


I have first experiment for DPRGLive working.  It is a camera
mounted in the hallway in the Geology building at Southern
Methodist University.

I'm frame grabbing a 1/2 size video image, time stamping, and
uploading to the web server.  Looks like I can handle about
3 frames per minute.  

check it out:

This experiment requires you to hit your browser's "reload" button
to update the image.  I was reading today about Server Push and
Client Pull, which evidently uses cgi scripts so that you don't
have to hit reload.  Anyone among us knowledgeable about how this
is done?

Imagine that at the DPRG monthly meetings, as each member gets up
to speak at the podium, we take a digital snapshot of their robot,
gripper arm, whatever they have brought to share, and upload it
to the web server.

Shut-in members participating in a chat sesssion on the web can view
the object under discussion with their web browser, read the commentary
>from the chat session, and direct their observations and questions
to the speaker directly through the chat session's live participant
at the meeting.

Even if the "frame rate" is only a single image per speaker, this
will be very useful, worth a thousand words, as the saying goes.

So far everything I've done can be done on a laptop with a USB or
parallel port digital video camera.

Anybody know anything about web audio?


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