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[DPRG] no subject (file transmission)

Subject: [DPRG] no subject (file transmission)
From: David P. Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Thu Oct 12 21:06:43 CDT 2000

Hi DPRG and Eric

You wrote:

> I've starting digging into what it would take to do live streaming
> audio and it looks like there are almost 4 options for the lowly,
> "free-based" budget.  I'll have more details to report later, but I
> think if we can scam a phone line (or even better, 2 phone lines) at
> the BPI we'll soon be popping out webcam images accompanied by a
> live audio broadcast of the (maybe next) DPRG meeting.
> Equipment we'll need to scrounge up:
> 	2 laptops w/56K modems
>       1 w/webcam or some form of video capture
>       1 w/microphone and audio card line in
> They don't really have to be laptops, they're just easier to lug!

It might be time for me to buy a new laptop.  Any suggestions?

Firewire, frame grabber, USB camera, parallel port camera?
Linux drivers?


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