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Subject: [DPRG] OOPIC
From: Sanjay Agrawal sanjaya at home.com
Date: Thu Oct 12 22:52:11 CDT 2000

I purchased an OOPic in April, and I have been for the most part
satisfied.  It
uses syntax not unlike Visual Basic, where you declare an object, such
as an
LED, and change the objects properties to interact with it.  For
here's some sample code:

Dim LED as new oDIO1   <---declares object named LED as a digital 1-pin
i/o line

LED.IOLine=15         <--------assigns i/o line 15 to the LED
LED.Direction=cvOutput            <--------sets line to output
LED.Value=1                 <--------turns LED on

The command set is good, with updates every so often.  For instance,
when I
purchased mine, there was no delay function.  I had to use an empty for
loop to
make imprecise delays.  Since then, the editor/compiler has been updated
and a
precise delay function added.  http://www.oopic.com/newin3.htm   has a
list of
additions and fixes to each version.  One thing I especially like is the
interrupt capability, or as they call it, "event driven" programming.

The problems I've had are minor.  For instance, I was unable to run a
using the same 6V power supply as the OOPic.  The unregulated voltage
didn't have enough current to run the servo as well, so I was forced to
separate power supplies for the OOPic and servo(s).  Also, when I
ordered a bare
OOPic (as opposed to the starter kit), it came with neither programming
nor power cable.  I think it'd be more logical for a bare OOPic kit to
include a
power cable.  I had to make my own using parts from Allied Electronics. 
again, just a minor annoyance.

Perhaps the least desirable characteristic is the lack of a debug
function, such
as with the Basic Stamp, which allows data to be sent back to the
compiler via
the programming cable.  I was forced to purchase a LCD display to
quantitative values.

Development and examples are moving ahead rapidly.  www.arsrobotica.com
articles and a discussion group, and oopic.cjb.net was just started
Savage Innovations also maintains www.robotprojects.com , which contains
documentation and interface examples related to the OOPic.

I think it's a good price for a pretty power micro controller.  My
with mc's is limited only to the OOPic and BSII, and I have no idea how
compares to the 68HC11, 8051, or others.  For ease of use and value,
though, I
would recommend it.  You should look at the online manual, at OOPic's
to learn about the objects and commands.

Hope my long-windedness has helped.

-Sanjay Agrawal
 sanjaya at home.com

Yahn Chris wrote:

> Have any members of DPRG have any experiance with the OOPIC microcontroller?
> I have not bought one yet and I would like to hear some opinions from people
> who have used one
> before I decide.
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