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[DPRG] dprg live experiment 3

Subject: [DPRG] dprg live experiment 3
From: David P. Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Fri Oct 13 13:36:30 CDT 2000

Howdy DPRG

Thanks to all who participated in last evening's DPRGLive experimental
interactive session: Kip, Ed K., Patrick, Dan from Atlanta robots, 
Brynn from SRS.

Best sustained image update rate was Kip ~3 frames per minute. That
is about what I was seeing on my end.  Latency with the chat session
was ~2 frames for Kip also.  We tested this informally by changing
the video feed and simultaneously sending a chat message "Video changed

I didn't get actual times for anyone but Kip, though my impression
was that the others had slower frame rates.

We seemed to be, for the most part, all looking at the same images
we were describing in the chat session.  So far so good!

The color 320x240 still video jpeg images worked great for shots of 
robots and robot parts, even drawings of robots and robot parts. 
We could read the text on 8x11 printout if camera zoomed in to
about 1/4 page. 

The images were less successful showing robots in action.  A lot
happens in 20 seconds... mostly just looks like robots jumping 
around from frame to frame. 

I setup SR04 in a hallway running _very_slowly_ and this worked
better: slow motion robot for time-lapse photography. :)

For stills and closeups of robots and "turn it over and let me
see the gripper" it worked just dandy. 

I was able to insert stills into the live video stream, and previously
recorded video streams, so I included a gallery of stills of DPRG robots
and their builders frame grabbed from DPRG videos.  Towards the end
of the evening I included computer generated images of Venus and pictures
of my wife and kids...  What a patient group of roboteers!  Thanks guys!

The whole thing recorded itself and is looping live on the server at:


The log of the chat is available from anonymous ftp from:


At this stage there is no way to correlate the saved chat session
with the saved video images.  The video images have time stamps
in their names.  There should be some way of doing this?


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