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Subject: [DPRG] (no subject)
From: Ferialb at www.dci.co.ir Ferialb at www.dci.co.ir
Date: Sun Oct 15 21:46:30 CDT 2000

 It is an irrelevant reply, but I think it is interesting.
 Recently I'm thinking about using cache SDRAMs on old 386 and 486
main boards. Most main boards have 8 of them in 28 pin, 0.3" DIP form.
They are space saving and cost almost nothing. They are very fast too,
usually 10-20 ns, thus I expect them to be suitable for any hobby application.
Anyone else has used them before? any ideas?

 Best Wishes,
  Hamid Reza Badilli

KI>I just ran into an interesting situation.  I have been using 32K x 8 70 ns
KI>SRAMS for a lot of projects.  It looks like production is winding down and
KI>they may not be available in the future, especially in the 28 pin DIP

KI>The 28 pin DIP is great for prototyping and testing.  As well as for
KI>hobbyists, like robotics people.

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