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Subject: [DPRG] OOPIC
From: Sanjay Agrawal sanjaya at home.com
Date: Mon Oct 16 21:53:41 CDT 2000


I haven't purchased an LCD just yet, but I plan to soon (from Allied
Electronics).  A friend of mine who also owns an OOPic purchased an LCD and
interfaced it according to the instructions at http://www.oopic.com/lcd.htm ,
and it works fine for him.  The instructions are for a hookup to a Hitachi
HD44780 controller (pretty much standard on all LCDs), and his is a 24x2, no
backlight, for about $15.

I haven't tried PWM with the OOPic, but my friend runs his motor controller with
it, and he has had no PWM-related problems (just with overheating :-).  One
thing I forgot to mention and was going to tell you about, though, is the
slightly "deceptive" advertising for the OOPic.  It has PWM and A2D capability,
but you have to read pretty far into the manual to see that PWM only operates on
two I/O lines, and A2D only on 4 lines. The same goes for serial comm., which
has only one "send" line and one "receive" line.  These lines are all different,
so you can use the PWM, A2D, and serial comm. concurrently, but the limit on the
number of lines you can use is somewhat of a pain when you consider that PWM,
RCTIME(for a2d), and SERIN/SEROUT work on *any* Basic Stamp I/O line.  Check the
respective manual pages on OOPic's web site for more info.

-Sanjay Agrawal
sanjaya at home.com

Yahn Chris wrote:

> Sanjay
> Thanks for the info.  It wasn't long-winded at all. Did you puchase LCD
> through www.oopic.com ?  Did you try PWM with the OOPIC?

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