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Usually I don't forward spam stuff to the list, but
this one talks about a LegoMindstorms cam.  Has
anyone seen this thing before?

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> RobotBooks.com Newsletter      October 17, 2000
> ========================================
> Contents:
> 1) New Robot Dogs Section
> 2) Robotics : Designing the Mechanisms...
> 3) Lego Mindstorms Robotic Vision System
> 4) Price Reductions
> ========================================
> New Robot Dogs Section
> Robot dogs are the hot new thing in robotics. The trend
> was 
> started by Sony with their AIBO robot dog. The Sony dog
> is 
> an amazing example of what household robots will be like
> in 
> the near future. Sony has not been able to keep up with
> the 
> demand for the AIBO, and at $2,500 each, it is priced a 
> little out of many people's robot budget. The good news
> is 
> that several toy companies have now come out with their
> own 
> versions of the AIBO, and they are much more affordable!
> Our new Robot Dogs page features five different dogs from
> which to choose.
> POO-CHI: The latest innovation from the folks who brought
> you Furby, Poo-Chi is one smart puppy. His sensors allow
> him 
> to react to light, sound and touch. Three separate motors
> give him the ability to do all the doggie basics--tail 
> wagging, ear flapping, and stretching.
> MEGA-BYTE: A fully interactive IR remote control robotic
> pet 
> that has a full range of motion including forward,
> backward, 
> left, right and spin! This robotic dog features an
> infrared 
> remote control that has a range of about 15 feet and a
> twin 
> joystick control unit with seven function controls.
> TEKNO: He plays music, walks on command, laughs, and
> growls. 
> His eyes light up, his ears move, and his tail wags. And
> he 
> loves playing with other Tekno puppies. Play with him or
> feed 
> him his robot puppy bone and watch as he goes into "super
> happy" mode. Ignore him and he gives a sad growl.
> BIG & LIL' SCRATCH: Big Scratch comes with an IR
> key-chain 
> remote controller that programs his seven play and trick 
> modes. He can: Sit, Shake, Lay Down, Play, Walk Right,
> Walk 
> Left and Scratch-A-Flea - not counting his multiple play 
> behaviors, depending upon his mood. Lil' Scratch follows
> Big 
> Scratch around wherever he goes, through the magic of
> Infrared 
> Tracking! Lil' Scratch tags along and begs for attention
> from 
> both you and Big Scratch. He walks right or left, looks
> around 
> with his cute, loveable eyes, nods his head, flaps his
> ears, 
> and wags his tail. He also moves his mouth while he
> happily 
> barks, pants or is heard whimpering or whining depending
> on his 
> own mood!
> ROCKET THE WONDER DOG: Rocket is truly a revolutionary
> robot, a 
> technological triumph. He has actions and emotions just
> like a 
> real dog - and using advanced voice recognition
> technology, he 
> listens and responds only to you! Rocket comes with a
> headset 
> remote control. It projects an infrared signal, and
> Rocket 
> responds to your voice when you speak into the headset!
> Rocket 
> the Wonder Dog can sit, beg, bark, walk, "eat", and pant
> just 
> like a real puppy. He can even give you his paw! He pouts
> when 
> you scold him and likes it when you rub his nose or back.
> The hot toy for this Christmas is, without a doubt,
> robotic dogs. 
> Take a look at our selection of five different mechanical
> dogs 
> and find the perfect gift for yourself or a friend!
> Visit our new "Robot Dogs" page at 
> http://www.robotbooks.com to see these robots.
> ========================================
> Robotics : Designing the Mechanisms for Automated
> Machinery
> This book is an essential addition to the toolbox of any
> engineer, 
> student, or hobbyist involved in the design of any type
> of robot 
> or automated mechanical system. It takes the reader
> through a 
> step-by-step design process in this rapidly advancing
> specialty 
> area of machine design. It answers the questions: How are
> machines 
> built? How do they work? How does one best approach the
> design 
> process for a specific machine?
> While most books on robotics focus on the electrical and
> control 
> systems, Sandler provides engineers, students, and
> hobbyists with 
> detailed methods and examples of how to design the
> mechanical 
> parts of robots and automated systems. The author draws
> on his 
> years of industrial design experience to illustrate the
> design 
> process by focusing on the real, physical parts of
> machines. He 
> details the methodology of the design process and
> provides the 
> calculations needed to achieve proper results when
> applying the 
> design to real robots, as well as basic information on
> universal 
> machine devices and the concepts on which they are based.
> He uses 
> real-world examples and problems that every reader can
> understand 
> without difficulty.
> Robotics : Designing the Mechanisms for Automated
> Machinery 
> discusses concepts and layouts, dynamic analysis of
> drives, 
> kinematics and control, feedback sensors, mechanisms,
> manipulators, 
> and mechatronic systems. Self-study problems are
> integrated into 
> the text along with the solutions so that both the
> engineering 
> professional and the student will find the text very
> useful. The 
> book includes a large number of high-quality
> illustrations 
> and photographs.
> Please visit our "Robot Mechanics" page at 
> http://www.robotbooks.com to learn more about this book.
> ========================================
> Lego Mindstorms Robotic Vision System
> Now you can build robots that see and react with the new
> Lego 
> Mindstorms Vision Command!
> The system comes with the "Lego Cam", a fully functioning
> PC video 
> camera which can record up to 30 video frames per second
> for 
> amazing detail! A built in microphone captures sound,
> too. Program 
> your LEGO Cam to react to what it sees - it can detect
> changes in 
> light, motion and even color. You can program your own
> intruder 
> alarm, or record a video of your home while you're away!
> Your Lego Cam comes equipped with powerful vision
> recognition 
> software. When you open up the Command Center, you can
> place a 
> number of pre-defined patterns over the camera view area
> to divide 
> the screen into different regions. You can then program
> each region 
> to detect and react on its own. You can detect different
> colors, 
> changes in light, and movement.
> Vision Command is a stand-alone product, but it is also a
> powerful 
> accessory to the Lego Robotics Invention System. When
> combined with 
> RIS, Vision Command becomes a revolutionary vision sensor
> smart 
> enough to be the eyes and brains of your robot. When you
> have both 
> products, you can build robots that react to what they
> see!
> Using Vision Command's programming system, you can
> program robots to 
> respond to motion, light, and color. With a few commands,
> you can 
> make your robot search for, pinpoint and track an object
> like a red 
> ball, or a brightly colored family pet. You can let the
> robot explore 
> on its own and watch the action live on your computer!
> For users who own both products, the Vision Command
> CD-ROM will unlock 
> additional features, including extra training missions to
> provide step 
> by step guided instructions on how to use the two
> products together, 
> additional commands that let you program your robot to
> move and react 
> based on what your Lego Cam sees, and extra challenges
> for robots 
> using the RCX and Lego Cam together, with video
> demonstrations as well 
> as tips on design and programming.
> The Vision Command Constructopedia includes building
> instructions that 
> show examples of how to build the LEGO Cam as part of
> robots that move, 
> so you can make your camera watch and follow you, or just
> go and 
> explore on its own.
> Please visit our "Lego Mindstorms" page at 
> http://www.robotbooks.com to learn more about the Lego
> Cam.
> ========================================
> Price Reductions
> We have some amazing price reductions for you!
> The Lego Mindstorms Robotics Discovery set was originally
> priced at 
> $149.99. The price has now been reduced to $99.99! A
> discount of 33%!
> The Lego Mindstorms Droid Developer Kit was originally
> priced at 
> $99.99. The price has now been reduced to $59.99! A
> discount of 40%!
> The 24" tall Lost In Space remote control robot was
> originally priced 
> at $129.95. The price has been reduced to $79.99. A
> discount of 38%!
> ========================================
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