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[DPRG] telescoping tubes

Subject: [DPRG] telescoping tubes
From: McQuay, Michael Michael.McQuay at wilcom.com
Date: Wed Oct 18 14:03:49 CDT 2000

You can use the legs from a tripod (camera or otherwise) for a source of
round telescoping tubes.
Not sure right off about square...

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>From: Clay Timmons [mailto:ctimmons at cadence.com]
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Subject: [DPRG] telescoping tubes

I've got a robotic idea in mind and I'm looking for
telescoping metal tubes, aluminum or preferably brass
Need two sections one that fits smoothly inside
the other and can be extended telescope style.

I've seen the small tubes available at most
hobby stores but I'm looking for something
a bit bigger, say 1" wide.

Round tube would work but square shaped
tube would be even better.

Any ideas where to find square metal
telescoping tubes?


-Clay Timmons-

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