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[DPRG] Making Metal

Subject: [DPRG] Making Metal
From: bryan at visi.com bryan at visi.com
Date: Thu Oct 19 10:20:12 CDT 2000

A freind of mine has a fume hood she made with a couple of computer
muffin fans plywood, 2x2 boards, clear plastic window plastic, and
dryer vent hose.  The side and back walls are plywood.  The top and
front are plastic.  The 2x2 boards are used for framing so the sides
and top can be held together.  The muffin fans are mounted to the
back wall.  One dryer vent hose in connected to each and goes to
vents in the side of the house.  One of the fans does general air
removal from the hole enclosure, while the other fan has a length of
hose connected to it.  It provides a way to capture fumes at the
source like where she is soldering or above her melting pot.  A
couple of things she would change is going to 3/8in glass for the
front and top due to heat.  Place the muffin fans on the top, it
could then be placed flat against the wall.  Use a more heat
resistant tubing for the internal source capture tube, she's melted
it's end a couple of times.  Use larger fans, she has 3.5" ones.

A couple of notes:  The front wall does not go all the way down to
the bench.  It ends about 18 inches above the bench so one may reach
in with the arms.  The front glass is angled back at about a 45
degree angle to help viewing what is going on inside.  If one decides
to use glass instead of plastic for the glass one can use silicon
calk to hold it in place, or make a border strip to hold it in place. 
It could also just be laid in a frame as it's not structural.  It's
there for air containments and viewing abillity.

>   All this excitement about metal is great but if you try it please be
> careful. Someone has already mentioned covering the shoes and wearing an
> apron.
> Do not breathe the fumes from melting metal. This may be hard to remember in
> the excitement of staring down into a melting crucible.
> I had a bad experience that I could feel in my lungs for at least a year
> thereafter. I believe the damage actually came from the flux but remember,
> many of the hobby metals contain lead. Once again, don't breathe the fumes
> and don't let your children handle the metal.
> Wear eye protection. Wear a face shield if you have one.
> Don't use a crucible that will melt or shatter.

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