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Subject: [DPRG] (no subject)
From: Marty Vulk mastervulk at yahoo.com
Date: Fri Oct 20 11:22:45 CDT 2000

Boy! You guys can really speak my language.  

I've been casting metal for 13yr.s now and it's so
to see other people getting interested in it.  

When I first started, I would melt down old beat up
match box cars for the pewter.  I now order direct
>from Swest (a jewelery supplier off I35), its not the
cheapest stuff but the uniform performance is worth
the price.  I do lost wax casting of the pewter into a
plaster of paris mold with excellent results (for the
most part).  I have recently made my first union of
casting and my robotic endeavors.  It's a pewter head
with bipolar LEDs for eyes powered by two solar
engines.  It should last for ever, but time will tell.
 I've included a link to it below.  Check it out if
you can stand a pop-up advertisement.  

Anyway, I've got allot of experience with metal
casting and am more than happy to help.



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