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Subject: [DPRG] Robotics
From: Emjak Emjak at mindspring.com
Date: Mon Oct 23 23:46:08 CDT 2000

Goedemorgen Guus,

Welcome to the world of robotics.  Do you want a kit that is already put together, or one you build yourself??  Do you want to program the robot yourself or have it pre-programmed??

Do you know how to program or have any experience in electronics?

I like BASIC and C language programming.  I have used the Motorola 68ch11 chip with C language.  But for a quick start, the Basic Stamp II >from Parallax is very easy and simple to program.  There are examples in the software and even better examples on the internet.  You can download a lot of information and files.  Another good example is the LEGO Mindstorm.  Easy to program and the legos make it easy to build a robot.  The drawback is the cost of the Mindstorm.  As you get more comfortable with building robots, you will try building one without a kit.

I got started over a year ago and I did some research.  I bought a couple of books that were very helpful.
"Mobile Robots: Inspiration to Implementation" by Joseph L. Jones.  This book got me interested
"Build your own Robot" by Karl Lunt is the latest book I just got.  Very informative.  Includes programming, schematics, and hints.

I hope this helps.  Contact us if you have any questions or want to show off what you are doing.

Tot ziens,

Where in Holland do you live??  I used to lived in Den Haag and my Dutch is a little rusty.
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