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[DPRG] Ramsey radio update

Subject: [DPRG] Ramsey radio update
From: James Andrew Smith -- Onnimikki jasmith at ee.ualberta.ca
Date: Wed Sep 6 11:17:10 CDT 2000

Thanks for the ideas.  I was able to talk one of the laser profs into
letting me use his 500 MHz scope and discovered that the transmitter is
toasted.  Nothings coming out of it at all.  All we picked up were some
harmonics from the campus radio station (I think).

> It's difficult with these low-powered transmitters. One way I have used
> is to build a little demodulator probe. You need a fast diode
> (1N914/1N4148 will do).
>                ||          |
>         <------||----+---->|----+----o
>                ||    |     |    |
>                     ---        ---
>                      ^         ---
>                      |          |
>         <------------+----------+----o

> That's nice of them. I wonder what caused the failure?

Could have been static... not sure.  The transistors on the board are all
BJTs, so I figured that they wouldn't have been all that sensitive to

Hopefully the new transmitters and receivers will come in and I'll be able
to give them a shot. 

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