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[DPRG] Cue Cat

Subject: [DPRG] Cue Cat
From: Jim Brown jim_brown at adc.com
Date: Fri Sep 22 09:33:40 CDT 2000

> So what can we use them for? Range finding? Probably not enough
> illumination. I suppose just reading bar codes would work, but I
> haven't wanted to read any lately. They could probably be used for
> sensing stripes on turning wheels. But I don't have any wheels with
> stripes on them.
> Ideas?

Trash can filler?  (Although it doesn't work well for that either)
Annoying, eye closer,  bright red light wand?  (maybe some potential)

Have you read the Slashdot articles about that crazy CueCat thing?
I think their web site got hacked and all of their customer information
got stolen and now their ?trying to make amends?  They also have
started to add a licensing agreement with those things so that you're
forced to use them for their intended purpose which many people aren't
doing in the linux world partially because they don't run windows
software, and partially because they want to not ping the cuecat web
site and instead just go to amazon.com directly.  Anyway, it seems
sort of pointless to hack something just for the sake of hacking something.
I mean if it takes more time reverse engineering something than it does
just to create one from scratch, what's the point?


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