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[DPRG] Sound from PC without soundcard

Subject: [DPRG] Sound from PC without soundcard
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at cadence.com
Date: Mon Aug 6 10:35:52 CDT 2001

I worked on adding sound to my Eye-Robot this weekend.
I have a 486 Single Board Computer on board and wanted to
add sound so I can playback pre-recorded sounds like
Ortho of Borg does.   I could add a soundcard but
I lack the physical space to add one.   Instead I thought it would
be easy to pump out 8 bit data to the parallel port and add an
external D-A converter.  Previously I had posted questions
about sound without a sound card.  This weekend I built a simple
passive R-2R ladder D-A converter.   It worked but
the sound quality was poor.   Next I used a AD558
chip and the sound quality was much better.

I record the sounds on a PC and store them as unsigned
8 bit mono data.   One more little problem to overcome
and Eye-Robot should be talking!


-Clay Timmons-

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