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[DPRG] Pittman motors at Tanners

Subject: [DPRG] Pittman motors at Tanners
From: Jeffrey T. Birt ditto at ipa.net
Date: Sun Aug 12 20:51:12 CDT 2001

I would assume that the group buy would be open to out of town members also?
If so mark me down for four motors.

Jeff Birt
Halfway, Missouri

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>From: "David P. Anderson" <dpa at io.isem.smu.edu>
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Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2001 5:53 PM
Subject: [DPRG] Pittman motors at Tanners

> Great data collecting Eric!!  I've played a little bit with these
> Pittman motors purchased from Tanner's and am favorably impressed.
> Some months ago Barry Jordan and I began talking about designing
> a DPRG club robot base that we could replicate for cheap for
> interested members of the club.  The stopping point turned out
> to be the lack of suitable motors.  Tanner's now has in stock
> some Pittman motors which may be suitable for such a project.
> Eric details these motors below.  The down side of these motors
> is that they have no shaft encoders.  I had planned to use home
> made laser printed cardstock encoders super-glued to the rear
> of the motor shaft, as I've done on other robots.  Eric suggests
> that one of the HEDS encoders might fit, which would be great.
> The only one I've seen taken apart appears to need a longer shaft
> to fix a tiny Allenhead setscrew against, on the collar of the
> encoder disk.  Is .050" enough?  Part of that .050 is beveled
> on the very end.  I'm not sure.
> Jimmy Tanner said he would make us a deal on a group purchase.
> I haven't been able to raise Barry (are you out there Barry???)
> to continue the club design aspect but these are cool enough
> motors that I don't think we can go wrong buying a bunch of them.
> Any interest?
> cheers,
> dpa

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