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[DPRG] Group Robot Platform

Subject: [DPRG] Group Robot Platform
From: Barry Jordan barry at robostuff.com
Date: Mon Aug 13 21:25:06 CDT 2001

Hi All, Barry is always lurking.

Eric and I discussed the Pittman motors at lunch today.
We will probably be putting one of those motors to the test this Thurs.
night at RBNO.
The only obstacle that I see, is the 50 thou tapered protrusion out the back
of the motor for the encoder.
The Allenhead setscrews that I have seen on encoders are 2-56's  that uses a
35 thou allen wrench to set it.
That doesn't leave much material to bite into.

>I haven't been able to raise Barry (are you out there Barry???)
My new email address is barry at robostuff.com
Old one was .....msn..... well enough said.

dpa said,
>Jimmy Tanner said he would make us a deal on a group purchase.
>to continue the club design aspect but these are cool enough
>motors that I don't think we can go wrong buying a bunch of them.

I agree. We can most likely make them work for us. More info on Friday after


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