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[DPRG] Pittman motors: alternate mounting method for encode disk.

Subject: [DPRG] Pittman motors: alternate mounting method for encode disk.
From: Jeffrey T. Birt ditto at ipa.net
Date: Sat Aug 25 21:34:01 CDT 2001

Check out the following link:


I chucked a 4/40 x 1/4" allen head screw into my Dremel and bored the head
out slightly using a grinding stone for the Dremel (held in my other hand).
This fine piece of Ozarks machining yielded a shaft extension that just sets
over the beveled rear portion of the motors shaft.  A drop of super glue and
some precision hand clamping holds it all together!  I wanted to be able to
try several different encoders and experiment a bit on the bench.  This
allows for a quick change over.  I'm going to mount the encoder pcb to the
back of the motor and have the disks mounted facing the rear of the motor as
DPA's original idea.  Caution this takes a bit of time and patience to do
without the proper machining equipment.

Now to make 3 more.

Jeff Birt
Halfway, Missouri

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