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[DPRG] Rule Revision for Sticks?

Subject: [DPRG] Rule Revision for Sticks?
From: Rodent daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Sun Aug 26 19:14:27 CDT 2001

If we are not specific in not allowing wheels, someone could distort the
intent of the rules and compete with something thats not really a walker.
For instance, you could make a shuffle-bot that used wheels with a one-way
clutch and call it a walker because it has legs, although they are never
lifted off the floor.They are not driven as such, and they could be called
free-spinnning, so they would  be valid according to the rules. Besides, the
encoder to measure distance could be tied to the motors / servos that move
the legs and not have to be touching the ground.

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> Currently, the rules state that no rotating (or spinning) mechanism may
> touch the floor in the sticks competition. Could we revise that to say
> "no _driven_ rotating parts"? I don't see a problem with a free-spinning
> wheel with an encoder, to be used for odometry, interfering with the
> basic concept of walking robots, or a reason for it to be against the
> rules... I mean, as long as _it's_ not moving the thing, there should be
> no problem...

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