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[DPRG] What's you favorite motor driver chip?

Subject: [DPRG] What's you favorite motor driver chip?
From: David Peterson robologist at yahoo.com
Date: Mon Aug 27 00:17:22 CDT 2001

Kip this sounds too cool. I've been trying to figure out a
homebrew answer to the Motor Mind B, especially something
that might read quadrature and output a PID value. Those 500
cpr encoders are pretty count heavy and trying to figure
something to keep track of the multitude of blips was giving
me brainlock. Besides the assemblies, I've some HEDS
encoders also 500 cpr on the back of motors that run about
1000 rpm out the gearbox, so the encoder is twirling at near
6000 rpm. So that's about 50k counts per second to keep
track of at free spin. Fortunately I haven't found an
encoder yet to come up to the 5 M counts per second your
board can keep track of. And the serial hook up sounds
great, but now I've got to figure out the BS2s serin and
serout functions (kinda avoided that til now). Any chances
of seeing how you're programming it?
David P

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> The board will have dual quadrature encoder counters
16-bits hardware, TBD
> software, (maybe 32-bits) and it will be able to read
pulses as fast as 5
> MHz, so you don't have to worry about too much resolution.
You will be able
> to command it from a serial port.  (logic level or RS-232)
> Then the software...  It will have two or three "canned"
control algorithms
> which you can tune by setting the PID values (for
example), and by passing
> it some conversion factors, you can work in whatever units
you desire!
> Depending on the algorithm, I am shooting for a 50 Hz (or
faster) control
> loop.  The processor is a 6 state 8051 running at 20 MHz
which is like a
> conventional 8051 running at 40MHz.
> The board is designed to be a "co-processor" to handle two
wheel control
> with quadrature encoder feedback.  This leaves you with
whatever processor
> you choose to do the rest of the robot with.  12A should
handle 95% of the
> robots.

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