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[DPRG] Contact Info for DPRG

Subject: [DPRG] Contact Info for DPRG
From: Kipton Moravec kip at kdream.com
Date: Mon Aug 27 09:34:23 CDT 2001

I was just at the SRS mailing list and they had a link to the Central
Illinois Robotics Club.  Their link has Jim Brown as our "contact person".


This is obviously wrong, however, who IS our "contact person" for lists such
as this?  They obviously do not get updated very often.  Should it be our
president, vice-president, secretary, or someone else?  I am guessing the
secretary or president, but that changes every two years (as current
elections go).

Perhaps we need to be proactive, and email other robot clubs with our
current information.

Kipton Moravec  kip at kdream.com
Custom Electronics Design and Manufacture

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