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[DPRG] More quad encoder stuff

Subject: [DPRG] More quad encoder stuff
From: Sluggy slugmusk at linuxlegend.com
Date: Thu Aug 30 15:41:40 CDT 2001

"R. Bickle" wrote:

> Why would you need to use gray code encoding for robots? This 
> is very useful for absolute encoders, but motor encoders can be
> incremental much more easily.

I would not advocate the use of Gray code for drive motors, but anything
that you need to know the actual position of could benefit. A camera
platform comes to mind. Radio control servos generally have good enough
repeatability for most positioning jobs and they certainly have a simple
interface, but they are open loop from the MCU's point of view and their
calibration can drift. The MCU sends a defined PWM signal to tell the
servo to face forward and then essentially hopes that it really turns
that way. :)

Besides, it was just for fun anyway....

>> Just for the fun of it, 6bitgray.gif is a 6 bit Gray code disk



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