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[DPRG] Pittman GM8712

Subject: [DPRG] Pittman GM8712
From: Robert Staph rstaph at aasdcat.com
Date: Thu Aug 30 12:52:20 CDT 2001

Would it be at all possible for someone to get three of these and ship them
to pennsylvania for me?  Or better yet, will Tanner's ship out stuff like

Robert Staph, W3RCS
The Center for Advanced Technologies

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Subject: [DPRG] Pittman GM8712

> Howdy all
> Dropped by Tanner's on the way in this morning.  He has two
> new pallets of the Pittman GM8712 motors, 16 per pallet, if
> anyone is interested.  $10.95 apiece.
> cheers,
> dpa
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