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[DPRG] July Meeting notes

Subject: [DPRG] July Meeting notes
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Sat Jul 7 17:09:39 CDT 2001

We met in a large classroom #1080 at the BPI
There were about 45 people there.

Old news:
Bill Boyer is obtaining the 1/4 PCV plastic paneling for us.
It will be cut into 2'X2' squares and sold for less than $10 each to members.
To get some show up at the PR Lunch Thursdays. at Collin creek mall or the next meeting
Subject to first-come-first-serve.

T-Shirts for sale
Both Monogrammed and Artwork T-shirts still available
Get at meetings or Robot Power Lunch (RPL)

New News:
We discussed our calendar:
Sept. 1: Labor day
Sept. 8: Monthly meeting - RoboramaB Trials, course setup
Sept.15: Roborama B contest at Science Place
October 6: Monthly meeting - Table Top Robotics contest
Include "Stick" (walking robots) contest if we have entries and rules
Nov. 3: Monthly meeting - Freestyle Art/ Show-&-Tell event 
Show off what your robots can do.
First time at club meeting, other events in public like Science Place

Tanner's demo:
Frank will find out if we could hold a monthly meeting and demo at Tanners for fun.

Future Ideas:
-Free-Style Robot event.
-Junk-Bot Wars.
=Duplicate controller and parts given to 2-4 teams. 4 hours later we compete.
	=Lego sets or Parallax BoE-Bots suggested as part used
-Line Maze contest like SRS uses
	=Good step up for line following robots
-Micro mouse contest - Kip researching rules (still no luck yet)
-Sumo and Mini sumo robot contest suggested
=Use standard robot size as per North West robot and SRS sumo rules and DPRG Type A mini robot.

I was the only officer at this meeting and room was full but attendance was down. Must have been lots of people on vacation.

Robert L. Jordan
DPRG Prez. 2001

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