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[DPRG] Help with parts

Subject: [DPRG] Help with parts
From: V&M Gutierrez gutierrz at erols.com
Date: Sun Jul 8 07:38:18 CDT 2001


Any help, suggestions or leads (manufacturers, distributers) will be
greatly appreciated. I am in need one of the following (motor or
solinoid) for a device I am building. The motor or solinoid must
ultimately provide a 1 inch linear travel to a lever that opens a
plastic, hinged, door (5 X 5 in, 5 oz).

Either one of the following should work.

Gear head motor:

NOTE: Gear head can have the linkage that produces the 1 inch (approx)
travel, or an exposed gear that has a pin to which a link mechanism can
be added to get the 1 inch travel.

- Low voltage = 12 - 24 V (AC or DC)
- Size = 1 X 1 X 2 inch (approx)
- Reversable
- continous duty


NOTE: The solinoid needs to have a slow plunger travel. That is when
activated, the plunger takes a second or two to reach it's full travel.

- Low voltage = 12 - 24 V (AC or DC)
- Size = 1 X 1 X 2 inch (approx)
- Reversable, plunger remains extended till power is disconnected
- continous duty

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Victor Gutierrez
gutierrz at erols.com

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