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[DPRG] Blast from the past - OT and Lightning?

Subject: [DPRG] Blast from the past - OT and Lightning?
From: Ed Okerson eokerson at fw.telenic.net
Date: Mon Jul 9 18:23:14 CDT 2001

> Try a surge protector?  The grid is fairly well inured against nearby
> strikes.  Lightning wants to go to ground really badly, so the electrical
> effect tends to be very local. And chances are that if you're on a circuit
> that gets hit directly, you're fried anyway.  My grandmother's house was
> struck by lighting.  It found one circuit and followed it to ground.  The
> wall was scorched where the wires ran, and all of the devices on that
> circuit were smoked - including a surge protector.  The other circuits in
> the house were barely affected, and almost all of the devices on them
> survived.  None of the neighbors had problems - there wasn't even a
> brown-out.  I don't know if this one experience is typical.

It is very typical, my house was recently hit.  The lightning hit the
satellite dish and came in the house on the coax cable.  It smoked the
receiver, as well as the surge suppressor it was plugged into.  It then took
out a computer that was plugged into the same surge suppressor, and then
followed the network cable around and blew out every network card it was
connected to (old thin-net coax ethernet) until it found a machine with a
telephone connection where it took out a couple of cordless phones and a key
system.  However it did not get anything else on a separate breaker.  It did
trip the breaker the satellite receiver was on.

Ed Okerson

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