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[DPRG] Fwd: Lynxmotion Japanese Robot Sumo base kit now available

Subject: [DPRG] Fwd: Lynxmotion Japanese Robot Sumo base kit now available
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Wed Jul 11 15:27:49 CDT 2001

Sumo builders,

Here is some info you might be interested in!

Pretty neat looking bases. The parts seem to be fairly priced. They 
offer $100 in merchandise if you register with them and win a club 
contest. DPRG does not have one, but if you will get a course built 
and 3 more contestants enter you are in the running. 

Bob Jordan
DPRG Prez. 2001

Forwarded From: bill harrison <bill at sinerobotics.com>

> Hello Robot Sumo Builders,
> 	Lynxmotion has just released the first two robots of a line 
of Japanese
> Class Robot Sumo base kits.  Go to their web site and pick 
on "Stomper"
> and "Predator" to check them out. 
> 	Lynxmotion has some nice pictures and a complete on-line set 
> instructions for putting the bases together.  You still have to do 
> sensors, electronics or anything else you may want on the robot 
(like a
> scoop or such) yourself. These are intended just to get you some 
> and wheels mounted to a robot body and let you go from there.  
> 	Let's face it, the mechanics of setting up motors and the 
drive train
> is the hardest part for most of us, so these kits will be very 
> And because these are only the core of the robot, there are still 
> to be a vast verity of robots that show up at competitions, even if 
> start with these kits.  So be creative.
> 	 Lynxmotion is working on more of these kits, so check their 
web site
> from time to time.
> 	Beyond just looking at the web site and what Lynxmotion has e-
> me, I can't say.  I have not built up a kit or even seen one face to
> face.  But if these are anything like the competition robots I've 
> of the designer's, they are sure to be great robot bases.  I'm 
> that Lynxmotion is supporting Robot Sumo and Robot Sumo builders by
> providing something that is useful to the builders.
> 	Here is some more contact information for Lynxmotion:
> Lynxmotion, Inc.                     ---------
> PO Box 818                         /   (o\ (o\)----
> Pekin, IL 61555-0818 USA          +-----\ \-\ \   o \
> Tel: 309-382-1816 (Sales)       GET A   |\o) \o)     |--------
> Fax: 309-382-2760 (Support)     GRIP!   |/o) /o)     |--------
> Fax: 309-382-1254                 +-----/ /-/ /   o /
> sales at lynxmotion.com (Sales)       \   (o/ (o/)----
> tech at lynxmotion.com (Support)        ---------
> http://www.lynxmotion.com
> 	Keep on building those Robot Sumo machines,
> 				Bill Harrison
> 				Head Northwest Robot Sumo
> 				http://www.sinerobotics.com

Robert L. Jordan (Bob)

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