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[DPRG] Group Buy - PVC Sintra plastic sheeting

Subject: [DPRG] Group Buy - PVC Sintra plastic sheeting
From: R. Bickle rbickle at swbell.net
Date: Fri Jul 13 13:35:12 CDT 2001

I have the rest of the PVC Sintra here in my office.
Bill and I will bring it to the next meeting.

Rick J. Bickle

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Subject: [DPRG] Group Buy - PVC Sintra plastic sheeting

RE: Group Buy - PVC Sintra white plastic sheeting

*** A big THANK YOU to Bill Boyer (Alias Rodent) for all the work  ***

The PVC plastic sheeting (Sintra) is cut into 2 foot by 2 foot pieces.
I believe it is about 3/8" thick, likely a millimeter size,
and should sell for $10.00 each, to DPRG club members.
Cash or check to Dallas Personal Robotics Group.

This is about 1/3 or less what we could get it for anywhere else.

Teresa & Travis Trotman have some PVC plastic and will have it at the
August monthly meeting.

Bill Boyer has a stack. Daweasel at Swbell.Net Buy from either

I will try to get some to the next RPL at Collin Creek Mall Thursday

The sheeting will likely go fast as it is easy to work with, light, and
great for building robots, etc.

Robert L. Jordan
DPRG Prez.2001

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 << File: ATT00001.html >> FYI, I have picked up about half of the PVC, cut
in 2'x2' squares, from
Bill Boyer.  If anyone is anxious to obtain some, let us know.  I work
downtown and live near Preston & NW Hwy.  We don't always check e-mail at
home very frequently (travistrotman at aol.com) so you may want to contact me
at my office (ttrotman at aep.com) but please limit its use.

Travis and I expect to take whatever is left to the August meeting (no
worthy conflicts so far).

Bob Jordan,  Bill did not want me to pay him for the PVC.  I presume you
would want
me to collect a check payable to DPRG or cash from anyone wanting a
square.  Please advise along with the amount.


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