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[DPRG] Hello all, AVR info

Subject: [DPRG] Hello all, AVR info
From: Chris Nelson cnelson at dallas.net
Date: Sat Jul 14 11:46:57 CDT 2001

I had a great time at the Power Lunch this Thursday.

Unfortunately it falls on the same day as the GARC Radio Cronies Lunch in
Garland, so I will have to alternate which lunch I go to.

For those interest in GARC (Garland Amateur Radio Club), they meet on the
fourth Monday evening of the month. http://www.qsl.net/garc/

Amateur Radio is just as fun and geeky as robotics. :)

For those interested in the AVR circuit that Kevin had at the meeting,
almost all the components and a low cost development kit are available at
Tanner's. The Kanda STK 200+ can program most of the AVR's and all of the
ones Tanners carries. You can also download the AVR software tools off the
Atmel site and there are plenty of exmples, source code  and projects on the
net. There also alot of third party programmers and a variety of languages
to choose from.

The circuit and code were taken from Dhananjay V. Gadre's book "Programming
and Customizing the AVR Microcontroller". This is the best book for getting
into programming the AVR. The code in the book uses the Atmel assembler
instead of the IAR assembler. You can download AVR Studio from
http://www.atmel.com/atmel/products/prod202.htm We have both a STK 200+
development kit from Kanda and the STK 500 kit from Atmel. The process is to
have your language language  or assembler produce an Intel hex file then
program the chip with that.

As far as future AVR projects we are working on a few more demo units, a
data logger and of course a robot controller! The next step is in-system
programmability. (no more chip swapping to reprogram) For some good AVR
robotics projects see Larry Barello's web site: http://www.barello.net/
(Larry is a SRS member)

I'm currently rebuilding my web site www.m88k.org and will be posting AVR,
radio and other information there.

If you need to get in touch with me:

Chris Nelson
cnelson at dallas.net
webmaster at m88k.org
n5zvp at arrl.net

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