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[DPRG] current conversion

Subject: [DPRG] current conversion
From: montgomery f. tidwell mtidwell at practicalmatters.com
Date: Tue Jul 24 10:41:15 CDT 2001


almost, the source would be from about 5V to 18V (or so).

7.5V might be a bit too high (for a minimum input).


Mike McCarty wrote:

> On Mon, 23 Jul 2001, montgomery f. tidwell wrote:
>>is there a single component that will take in ~ 5V-18V but
>>only put out 5V? if so, what is it.
> Let me restate your question as I understand it.
> You have a voltage source which is unregulated, and may vary from about
> 15V to 18V DC. You need a regulated 5V voltage source. You want to know
> whether there is a component which does this.
> The answer is yes, it is called a voltage regulator. If you need only a
> moderate amount of current, up to about an Ampere or so, then the LM7805
> does what you want. It requires 7.5V at least at the input, and can take
> up to about 40V.
> Mike

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