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[DPRG] current conversion [and much more]

Subject: [DPRG] current conversion [and much more]
From: R. Bickle rbickle at swbell.net
Date: Tue Jul 24 12:04:01 CDT 2001

OK, Sounds like you have the right idea, you just can't get enough current
>from a 9V transistor battery. Look into a battery with a higher AH rating.
First, take the battery out and measure the current draw at 9V with a bench
supply to determine what size battery you'll need.


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maybe i'm trying to dictate an answer when i don't fully understand the

i've created a line-follower that has (a) Super TComp, (b) LCD Serial
Backpack, (c) 4 HS303 servos, (d) custom line sensor with 3 LED/CDS
pairs. (a) was powered by a 9V, and everything else came from a 5V
line off (a).

the input requirements are: (a) 6-26V, (b) 4.8-5.5V, (c)4.8-6V,
(d) 5V (much higher and the LEDs burn out).

i have found that if more than one servo is active, the LCD goes
blank. i assume that the servos are taking too much power for the
LCD to operate.

so i thought that it might be better to have one 9V for (a), and
one something else (regulated to 5V) for everything else. i don't
really want a different battery for every part.

whew. now what do you suggest?


Mike McCarty wrote:

> On Tue, 24 Jul 2001, montgomery f. tidwell wrote:
>>almost, the source would be from about 5V to 18V (or so).
>>7.5V might be a bit too high (for a minimum input).
> The circuit itself has to have some "headroom" to operate. There are
> low dropout regulators available. How much current do you need? How
> tight regulation? If you don't need too tight regulation or too much
> current, then just a Zener diode might do.
> Mike

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