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[DPRG] Robert Jordan's Skatebot encoder article

Subject: [DPRG] Robert Jordan's Skatebot encoder article
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Tue Jul 24 21:29:11 CDT 2001


Thank for the feedback!  We help kids build about 105 of these.
They put oversized wheels on them, lots of weight, etc. Lots of fun
was had by all. 

I have heard that the girl figured (same base) "Extreme Skateboarder" 
toy for 60% off at Amazon toys. That's $10 each. Worth that just
for the gears and motors, even if you don't use the HBridge and
Remote control like we did.

I still have some of the IRMate PCBs if you want one. It handles
all connections, DC switch for OEM BS2 and 4 IR setups, even
allows reading the 2/4 remote control signals. Also, two LEDs 
to show OEM BS2 power and Skatebot power. Then
one LED for general IO. All in 3" by 3" PCB. Mates with OEM BS2
1X20 pin header. 

There are several boards left for $10 each and perhaps a few
full parts kits for $20. Schematic included.

Best of luck on building your robot. I've see several robots on
the skatebot base, around the DPRG club, too.

Make sure you connect the two power supply grounds. Goofy
connection when you remove the top.

Email me if you need any help.

Bob Jordan

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Subject:	[DPRG] Robert Jordan's  Skatebot encoder article

To Robert Jordan and anyone who has or is thinking about building a

Skatebot - A Cheap Fun Development Platform

I almost bought this kackable toy for more than $25 when I first read the
article but I just found one for less than $10.

I'm wondering if this turned out to be as cool and reliable as it first
seemed.  I bought one but I'm wondering if it's worth buying more while
they are still available.

Oh,  and before you ask, I found it in a supermarket in Minnesota but
chances are it's getting unloaded cheap in other places too - toys don't
have the longest shelflife.

Fred Ennenga

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