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[DPRG] emitter/collector/base

Subject: [DPRG] emitter/collector/base
From: Rodent daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Wed Jul 25 10:48:23 CDT 2001


Maybe you guys need to point Montgomery in the right direction as simply as

It looks to me like he is in need of some basic electronics info and you
guys are debating all sorts of stuff that I'm sure is confusing the heck out
of him.

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> > The full part number is 2SA1015.  All Japanese bi-polar
> > transistors begin with 2Syxxx.  Where the y is a letter A, B, C
> > or D.  A and B types are PNP.  One is for high frequency (I don't
> > remember which).  C and D are NPN with the sam differences.
> >
> > The PNP type can be used as a simple emitter follower negative
> > voltage regulator or an advanced LOW DROP OUT positive
> > regulator.  Without knowing whether you are trying to regulate a
> > positive or a negative voltage I can't give you details on where
> > the input or output pins are.  But in normal operation the
> > voltage across the emitter and base pins should not exceed .7
> > volts (cant tell you polarity as stated above).
> >
> > The fact that it is listed as an audio transistor makes no
> > difference as a regulator since the frequency you are running is
> > zero or better known as DC.
> This is not quite true. In today's circuits, the power supply often
> must have a frequency response which is fairly high, often extending
> into the MHz region.

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