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Fw: [DPRG] emitter/collector/base

Subject: Fw: [DPRG] emitter/collector/base
From: montgomery f. tidwell mtidwell at practicalmatters.com
Date: Thu Jul 26 10:11:49 CDT 2001


well, i still don't know how emitter/collector/base relate to input/

however, what i have gleaned is: (a) if the pins are labeled e/c/b, it's
not the part that i want/need, and (b) a1015/nte290a is not a power
regulator (or not one that meets my needs)

so, for my needs i just need to go out and get a lm7805, or lm2940,


Rodent wrote:

>  Are you sure his questions were answered? He seemed a bit lost when voltage
>  regulators and bench supplies were discussed, and then the thread veered
> off
>  into the glories of various regulators and transistor nomeclature.
>  I didn't accuse anyone of making a mistake -- I simply suggested that the
>  thread was deviating from the original topic without answering the original
>  question.
>  Montgomery, have you got things figured out OK, or do you need further
> help?
>  Be glad to answer your questions in simple terms.

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