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[DPRG] RoboRama 2001.B

Subject: [DPRG] RoboRama 2001.B
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Sat Jul 28 22:26:51 CDT 2001


RoboRama 2001 B is in September, the 21st I think.

We don't have plans to do the Mini Sumo Robots during RoboRama.
We already fill up too much time doing the events scheduled for that contest.

We do the Mini Sumo Contest with the Table Top Robotics (TTR) Contest and
The next TTR Contest is scheduled for October 6, 2001.

Hope to see you there!

Robert L. Jordan
DPRG Prez. 2001

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 << File: ATT00000.html >> Allrighty Now. I have just finished the physical portion of my Mini Sumo Robot.  "WeeBull"

1.  When is RoboRama 2001.B ?
2.  How many Mini Sumo Robots will be there?

Unfortunately, I live too far away (Oklahoma) to attend any of the power lunches, so I am dependent on this mailing list.

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