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Fw: [DPRG] emitter/collector/base

Subject: Fw: [DPRG] emitter/collector/base
From: Jim Frye tech at lynxmotion.com
Date: Mon Jul 30 08:44:01 CDT 2001

Hello DPRG,

>Using the LM2940 is not simple, and I would not recommend it for a
>neophyte. It isn't all that difficult, but requires much more support
>circuitry than the LM7805, including some specialized parts.

I would recommend the LM2937ET-5.0 three pin regulator. It is a TO220 case,
is standard pinout i.e. input, gnd, output. It's not difficult to use, just
add a .01uf on the input and a 15uf tantalum on the output. It has low
dropout and pretty good current capability, seams like a few hundred
milliamps, don't have the specs in front of me. For a very unscientific
test I put 4.80vdc on the input and measured 4.79vdc on the output, but
that is with no load. Thanks, Jim

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