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[DPRG] Motors with encoders

Subject: [DPRG] Motors with encoders
From: Dan Creagan dcreagan at bellevue.edu
Date: Sun Jun 3 10:18:04 CDT 2001

I used the Globes last year and really like them so I bought a few. I
recommended them in an article I wrote for the Encoder.  Of course, by
the time the article was in print, the motors were gone.  Zagrosrobotics
has them, but their pricing was quite a bit higher (not saying anything
bad about that,  they may have purchased them from the same place I did
– which drives their resale price)
If someone finds a larder of them at the 10-15 dollar price they were
going for, let me know. I could use a few more.
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Subject: [DPRG] Motors with encoders
A few people asked me where I got my Globe motor with the encoder
already on.  A friend of my in St. Louis picked up some of these motors
a few months ago and sent me a couple.  I checked the web page, but
could not find the motor.  However, here is the web page if you are
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