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[DPRG] Rule Change

Subject: [DPRG] Rule Change
From: Ralph Tenny rten at metronet.com
Date: Mon Jun 4 10:32:24 CDT 2001

OK! Now, all we need to do is be sure the line actually extends into Area
A. As I mentioned, common (actually universal) practice has been to set
the bot on the line to start. All the bot has to do is to follow the line.
As your commentary below indicates, the real test would be to place the
bot in area A, but not on the line. I'm not sure if any current line
followers can search for the line in area A, identify it, then follow it.

Let's hear from the line-following bots!

On Sat, 2 Jun 2001, Rodent wrote:

> Per Ralph Tenny's suggestion, I have made an adjustment to the tabletop line
> following rules to prevent confusion. Ralph pointed out the first paragraph
> of the "Details" section implied the robot had to "find" the line in area A
> before moving into the main part of the arena.
> This was not my intent when I wrote that item -- what I was trying to do was
> make sure it was clear the robot must be actively following the line when
> leaves area A. This was to prevent someone from merely pointing the robot at
> a section of the course in the main part of the arena, knowing it would skip
> over a portion of the course and start following the line as soon as it
> found it.
>  I have revised the rules to indicate the robot must be actively following
> the line as it leaves area A. You can still start the robot in any place in
> area A, facing any direction, but it must be following the line when it
> enters the main part of the arena.
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