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[DPRG] Would a 3kg sumo kit fly?

Subject: [DPRG] Would a 3kg sumo kit fly?
From: Jim Frye tech at lynxmotion.com
Date: Tue Jun 5 12:57:38 CDT 2001

Hello DPRG,

I was wanting to ask your opinion on an upcoming line of kits we are
working on. They are 3kg sumo rolling chassis. I have included a small
image of one of the prototypes. It is un-named at this time. It is 19.75cm
wide and 16.5cm long. It is 6 wheel drive using powerful Hsiang Neng 12
volt 200 rpm motors we had specially made for us. Although the top and
bottom plates on the prototype are solid, the production model will have
some holes to facilitate wiring and vacuum lines. We are using impact
resistant acrylic for the panels and tapped aluminium structural
components. The tires and wheels are custom made for us and will be
available in 2 styles and 3 different sizes. The kits will be available in
3 body styles with 4 different motor sizes in 2 RPM's. As you can tell,
there are many combinations of components that make up a rolling chassis. 

These kits are meant to provide a starting point. We are not including any
microprocessors, sensors, motor drivers, vacuums, or scoops in the kits. We
are really just trying to make it easier for a would be robot builder to
get started. 

They are still a few weeks away from production, but we are getting
close... Please reply with any feedback that you think would be helpful.
Thanks, Jim

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