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[DPRG] rug warrior pro problem

Subject: [DPRG] rug warrior pro problem
From: Phillip W. Edgar DrCode at devsp.com
Date: Wed Jun 6 16:00:38 CDT 2001

    HI I am fairly new to the field of robotics (completely new to this
list) and need some help with a rug warrior pro.  I am having trouble
getting the bumpers to work - When I run the test code and look at the LCD I
see that two of the bumpers show up as being 'closed', or pressed, when they
are not, and when I press the 'right' side bumper I get the 'left' signal on
the LCD.  The 'back' bumper does nothing.  I have checked the wiring a
number of times and it is exactly as shown, I have even rewired on new
ribbon cable and new bumpers.  This problem is stopping me from finishing my
RWP and I would be extremely grateful to anyone who can offer me a solution
or direction as I really want to get to the programming side of the RWP.  
Appreciate your time and help,
DevSP Corporation
drcode at devsp.com <mailto:drcode at devsp.com> 
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